Why do you need to use LinkedIn Marketing

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LinkedIn is a powerful business-oriented social networking site. Its lead generation and marketing are also perfect for small businesses. It is more “professional” than Facebook and Twitter, and offers a social media site with more of an executive feel. LinkedIn Marketing can be seen as a form of content marketing. It has the potential to reach your target audience by delivering professional messages in the form of articles, videos, or presentations. But it’s important to note that this type of marketing requires a lot of time and energy to develop and use. And if you’re unsure about how LinkedIn Marketing works with your business, hire professionals for this service instead – they’ll be able to help you generate leads efficiently. Why do you need to use LinkedIn?

1. Develop your brand identity
Creating an account and LinkedIn profile is important because it allows you to advertise your business more effectively on LinkedIn. Your profile should be viewed as an online resume, which clearly reflects the value you bring to your business and what you can do for others. So, try to create a profile that’s simple; including only the information relevant to proving your skills and strengths. And avoid old age images like passport sized photos that are not aesthetically pleasing and tend to distract from the purpose of a professional social media page.
2. LinkedIn helps you find potential customers through posting your content.
Using LinkedIn also means using their publishing platform called Pulse. This content has “lead generation capabilities.” You can make your business more visible through LinkedIn by posting relevant content and adding a link to your website. The result is that you can grab the attention of the target audience who are not only looking for products or services like yours but who might also be in the market to buy them. More importantly, your content will appear on their newsfeeds, and they’ll be able to “continue reading” on your website.
3. LinkedIn helps you create a personal brand of yourself.
One of the main advantages is that people know you and trust you more, when it’s their 1st time hearing or seeing you. They don’t need to wonder about your reputation or the quality of your work. By managing your LinkedIn profile properly, people will gain a better understanding of what you’re capable of, which helps in the decision-making process. Many small businesses have embraced LinkedIn Marketing as a means to attract more customers. A well-designed profile can help you stand out from the crowd, and it can give potential clients a reason to contact you right away.
4. Use it to find recruiters and potential staff members in a job search
LinkedIn is great for finding professional skills that match your requirements for any position out there. You can search with keywords that you’re looking for, or simply type the job titles in the “Keywords” field. When you find the right professional, you can send your request by clicking “connect”. LinkedIn has over 200 million members, and many of them are professionals who can help you in your job search process. Thus, they have hired people that have disabilities like hearing loss or autism as interpreters through their own service called LinkedIn Marketing on Demand (LOD). Like all other recruiters on the market today, LinkedIn will also be able to provide you with resume templates for their clients to apply directly on their website.

5. Utilise LinkedIn to attract new business leads
LinkedIn is also a handy source for finding potential buyers and customers. Linking all your business contacts with the right service or product leads, is a strategy that can be used to your advantage. Find out who has been looking at your company’s profile and send them messages, offering a private dinner or inviting them to visit your website. Through this type of marketing you’ll be able to get more exposure in their news feed and help them “continue reading” on LinkedIn. This type of marketing is perfect for companies that don’t use social media yet; because it helps them increase their brand awareness and reputation online through the number one professional social media site for businesses.


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